Saturday, 1 November 2014

How long should your social media updates be?

How long should your tweet be? Between 71-100 characters. So that people retweeting your tweet can add their comments to it before sending it to their followers. Tweets shorter than 100 characters have 17 per cent higher engagement rate.

Likewise, Facebook posts with 40 characters attract 86 per cent more engagement than posts with higher character counts.

Similarly, your blog headlines should not have more than six words. Limit your LinkedIn posts to 16-25 words and blog posts to 1,600 words if you want better engagement.

The below infographic taken from a post by Kevan Lee in buffersocial explains in detail the optimal length of your day to day social media updates.

The Optimal Length of Everything Online

Download the PDF of infographic.

Download the printable companion infographic.

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