Tuesday, 29 January 2013

5 ways to grow your Twitter following

Twitter is second only to Facebook in terms of users. It has 517 Million registered users with 6.9 Million daily active users. Every minute of the day 100,000 tweets are sent over internet and in a day 340 Million tweets make their way to the online world.

More than 11 Twitter accounts are added every second totalling to 1 Million new accounts created everyday.

Apart from tweeting and retweeting on a regular basis, you can grow your Twitter following through the below mentioned ways suggested by www.twiends.com.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Why to be a social media junkie

Why social media?

The social networking statistics and facts for 2012 speak a lot. If you are not there, you and your product will get lost not only in the online jungle but in the minds of the consumers as well.

The spread of social media is staggering. We end up sending 100,00 tweets, upload more than 48 hours of video in YouTube, share 684,478 pieces of content on Facebook and share 3,600 photos on Instagram every minute of the day.

Facebook has 1 Billion registered users with 552 Million daily active users. Similarly, Twitter has 517 Million registered users and 6.9 Million daily active users.

Each day Facebook users spend 10.5 Billion minutes (almost 20,000 years) on the social network. On YouTube, 4 Billion video views are seen globally every day.

Facebook is the number one social marketing tool for brands at 83% (88% target for 2014), followed by Twitter at 53% (target 64% in 2014).

Now can you imagine being out of the scene? If you are not there, just plunge in!
For more intricate and detail statistics and facts have a look at the infographics prepared by www.creotivo.com.